Ms. Armes - JCLC
2016-17 Geometry

Chapter 1
Thursday, Aug. 11 (W)
Day 1  Geometry Basics
We will be learning geometry terms that will be used throughout this geometry class the whole year.  The 3 undefined terms of Geo are "point, line, & plane".  We can only describe them.
Practice Worksheet, all questions within the 4 problems.

Monday, Aug 15 (W)
  • We will calculate the distance between 2 coordinate points using the distance formula.
  • We will calculate the coordinate of the midpoint of a segment given the 2 end points.
Assignment:  2 Wksts-- Assignment #1 & Assignment #2  

Wednesday, Aug. 17 (W)
  • We will have a quiz over lessons 1 & 2.

Unit 2
Monday, Aug. 29 (W) 
Unit 2.1 
  • We will write a conjecture explaining our reasoning.

Assignment and Notes are in the attachments listed below for Unit 2.1 Assignment # 5

Wednesday, Aug 31 (W)
Unit 2.2 
Assignment:  Notes and assignment #6 listed in the attachments below.

Friday, Sept. 2 (W)

We will take the NWEA testing on chrome book

Monday, Sept 5   Labor Day  NO SCHOOL!

Wednesday, Sept 7  (W)
Unit 2.6
  • We are reviewing the properties of equalities.
  • We will apply the properties of equality to help complete algebraic proofs.
Assignment:  On the left side of this page, go to "page links"
  • click on "2016-17 Geometry"  
  • "Unit 2"
  • "2.6 Properties of Equality and Algebraic Proofs"
  • "Notes" Complete your note pages
  • "Homework 2.6"  Complete assignment 2.6
Period 8 complete Challenge Problem #7.
And any Geometry student absent from class today, Wednesday, Sept 7!

Friday, Sept. 9 (W)
Unit 2.7
  • We will start with segment proofs and the properties that go with them. 

Assignment:  Homework #7  Try to fill in.  Bring an eraser to change any problems!  : )

Tuesday, Sept. 13  (W)
Unit 2.8
  • We will continue working with segment proofs and will work on the angle properties for angle proofs.
Assignment:  Homework 7  # 1-8
                     Homework 8  # 1-13

Thursday, Sept. 15 (W)
Unit 2.7 & 2.8
We will go over the proofs' assignment.

Assignment:  Complete Study Guide for Unit 2's Quest on Monday.

Unit 3 Parallel Lines
Monday, Sept. 19  (W)
Unit 2's Quest (Proofs)

Assignment:  Copy lesson 3.1 notes
I HAVE a BLANK COPY of the notes for period 5.  You can stop by anytime to get a copy.

Wednesday, Sept. 21 (W)

Unit 3.1  Parallel Lines & Transversal

We will identify the congruent angles created when 2 parallel lines are cut by a transversal.

Assignment:  Unit 3.1 Assignment Worksheet #1-15
(See attachments below for notes or if you want the assignment page altogether as a pdf.)

Friday, Sept 23 (W)
Unit 3.2   Proving Lines Parallel
We will use the converse of the properties of parallel lines to prove lines parallel.

Assignment:  Unit 3.2 Wkst.  #1-8

Tuesday, Sept 27 (W)
Lesson 3.3   Slope Review
We will determine the slopes of lines to classify the types of lines that are given to us.  
Assignment:  Unit 3.3 Wkst #1-18

Thursday, Sept. 29 (W)
Lesson 3.4   Equations of Lines
We will create equations of lines using slope-intercept and point-slope formulas when given various forms of information.
Assignment:  Unit 3.4  Wksts #1-16 

Tuesday, Oct. 4 (W)
Unit 3  Study Guide

Assignment:  Study by practicing problem on the Study Guide for Unit 3 Test

Thursday, Oct. 6 (W)
     Unit 3 TEST

Unit 4 Proving Triangles Congruent
Monday, Oct. 10      
Unit 4.1
 Classifying Angles & Calculating the angle measures of triangles.

Assignment:  Unit 4.1  homework Wkst.

Wednesday, Oct 12  (W)
Unit 4.2  Isosceles & Equilateral Triangles

Assignment:  Unit 4.2 Wkst (All)

Unit 5 Relationships in Triangles
Friday, Oct 28 (W)
Unit 5.1  Triangle Midsegment
  • We will use the Triangle Midsegment Theorem to calculate the sides and angle measures in a triangle.
  • We will use prior knowledge of parallel lines cut by a transversal to help calculate the angle measures. 

Assignment: Unit 5.1 Wkst #1-15

Tuesday, Nov 1 (W)
Lesson 5.2   Perpendicular Bisectors & Angle Bisectors

Assignment:  Unit 5.2 Wkst

Unit 6 Similar Triangles
Tuesday, Nov 15 (W)
Unit 6.1  Ratios & Proportions
  • We  will identify and create ratios and proportions to calculate measures in triangles.
Assignment:  Hmwk 6.1  And Complete the odd problems on 6.2 Notes

Thursday, Nov. 17  (W)
Unit 6.2  Similar Figures
  • We will identify the scale factors on similar polygons.
  • We will create the proportions for the corresponding sides to calculate the unknown measures.
Assignment:   Hmwk 6.2  And Complete the odd problems on 6.3 Notes

Monday, Nov.  21  (W)

Unit 6.3  Proving Triangles Similar
  • We will prove triangles similar by AA, SAS, SSS
Assignment:  Hmwk 6.3  And Complete the odd problems on 6.4 notes.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
No school Nov. 23-25

Monday Nov. 28  (W)

Unit 6.4  Parallel & Proportional Parts

Assignment:  Hmwk 6.4  Either come by my room and get a hard copy or look online at the Geometry 2016-17 link under Unit 6.4. 

Wednesday, Nov. 30  (W)
Unit 6.5  Parts of Similar Triangles
Quiz over Units 6.1-6.3

Assignment:  Hmwk 6.5

Friday, Dec. 2
Unit 6 Review

Assignment:  Complete Review and Study for the Unit Test

Tuesday, Dec. 6  (W)
Unit 6 TEST

Assignment:  Complete Unit 9's odd problems in the Notes 

Unit 9.1
Thursday, Dec. 8
Unit 9.1  Transformations


Assignment:  Unit 9.1 Transformations Wkst

Monday, Dec. 12
Activity with Transformations
We will look at corresponding sides and angles in transformations.
We will look at line symmetry in figures.

Assignment:  Activity Wkst
(Final Exam Review will be pasted out so you can start working on the problems.)

Wednesday, Dec. 14

Activity with Transformations
Quick Quiz

:  Final Exam Review

Unit 7
Tuesday, Jan 10 (W)
Unit 7.1  Angle measures of Polygons

Assignment:  Hmwk 7.1

Thursday, Jan 12 (W)

Unit 7.2  Properties of Parallelograms

Assignment:  Hmwk 7.2

Monday, Jan 16 (W)

Unit 7.3  Properties of Rectangles

:   Hmwk 7.3
 Quiz on Friday, Jan. 20th

Wednesday, Jan 18 (W)

Unit 7.4 Properties of Rhombi & Squares

:  Hmwk 7.4  
Two of the 2x2  problems will have answers that are fractions, single digit in denominators. 

  Unit 7.1-7.4    Quiz On this Friday, 20th 

Friday, Jan 20  (W)
Unit 7.1-7.4  Quiz

Copy the odd problems on 7.5 notes.

Tuesday, Jan 23  (W)
Unit 7.5   Quadrilaterals in a coordinate plane

Assignment:  Hmwk 7.5

Thursday, Jan 25   (W)
Unit 7.6
  Properties of Trapezoids

Assignment:    Hmwk  7.6

Monday, Jan 30  (W)
Unit 7.7   Properties of a Kite

Assignment:   Hmwk  7.7

Wednesday, Feb. 1  (W)
Bring your Chromebook---

Friday, Feb. 3  (W)
 Review for Unit 7 TEST

Tuesday, Feb. 7  (W)
TEST on Unit 7

Unit 8 Right Triangles & Trigonometry
Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017  (W)
Unit 8.1 Pythagorean Theorem & its Converse
  • We will apply the pythagorean theorem to calculate the unknown side measures of right triangles.   
Assignment:  Unit 8.1 Wkst
Period 5 students...stop by my room and pick up the unit 8.2 note paper.

Monday, Feb. 13, 2017  (W)
Unit 8.2  
Special Right Triangles
  • We will apply the ratio of sides of a 30-60-90 degree triangle to calculate the unknown side measures of special right triangles.
  • We will apply the ratio of sides of a 45-45-90 degree triangle to calculate the unknown side measures of special right triangles.
Assignment:  Unit 8.2  Wkst.

 Happy Valentine's Day!!  

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017  
Unit 8.3  Trigonometry
  • We will write the trigonometric ratios of the side measures on a right triangle.
  • We will calculate the unknown side measures on a right triangle applying the sine, cosine & tangent ratios.
Assignment:  Unit 8.3  Wkst.

Friday, Feb. 17, 2017  (W)
Unit 8.4  Trigonometry (Angle measures)
  • We will calculate the unknown angle measures on a right triangle applying the sine, cosine, & tangent ratios.
Assignment:  Unit 8.4  Wkst.
copy the Bell Work for #11 & 12 (in attachments below)