Alternative Education Department

As part of its commitment to all learners, Seymour Community Schools offers alternative learning designed to meet the needs of students best educated in a non-traditional setting. Successful program completion culminates in graduation from Seymour High School. The program's strengths include a small student base, community involvment, and customized curriculum.

Class size is limited to 15 students per teacher. This small student base minimizes challenges presented in larger classes and maximizes the opportunity for small group and one-on-one instruction. It also fosters a sense of belonging among students.

Community involvment is an important goal of alternative education. Involvment occurs through work and volunteer efforts within the community. Students also enjoy guest speakers and world-of-work opportunities.

Customized curriculum which empowers students to graduate is the chief goal of alternative programming. Options include flexible scheduling, computer-based instruction, credit for competency, and multidisciplinary classes. Students also have the ability for hands-on learning.  All curriculum is of rigor appropriate for the student and meets requirements set forth by the Indiana Department of Education.

Students who may benefit from alternative instruction are referred through the SHS guidance department. Students who qualify are invited to join the program and participate in the creation of an individual learning plan. Courses are delivered through individual, small group, and computer based instruction.

CORE HANDBOOK at JCLC developing student strength through

Community, Opportunity, Responsibility, and Education


Overview of CORE       

CORE is an optional Seymour High School program tailored to the needs of students who desire a high school diploma from a smaller-school setting.   CORE meets weekdays at the Jackson County Learning Center from 8:45 A.M. to 3:15 P.M. with some students leaving early at 11:15 A.M. to pursue C4, vocational credits, college credits, and/or take care of personal responsibilities.  Students work with two teachers and an aide Monday through Friday on NovaNET with optional evenings, extended Fridays, alternative texts, and/or use of the public library's NovaNET.  Enrichment activities are provided by the instructors and may include physical education or health-related curriculum, community awareness programs, vocational development, fine arts exposure, and more.  Instruction occurs in a minimum of two-hour blocks of time according to Individual Student Plans (ISP) written with the student, family, and CORE program designee.



  1. The students’ abilities, interests, and prior academic successes are used to develop educational plans.
  2. An emotionally healthy and physically safe environment is necessary for students to learn. 
  3. Inappropriate behavior can be modified.
  4. Adults associated with CORE serve as mentors, advisors, and/or help students recognize examples of resiliency.
  5. Involving students in their community will encourage them to be positive participants in the community.
  6. Alternative education is designed to meet the needs of students who are not succeeding in the traditional setting.
  7. Students are provided with a variety of options that can lead to graduation and are supported by services that are essential to academic, behavioral, career, and attendance success for the student and the immediate family.


Eligible Students are students who:

  • Intend to withdraw or have withdrawn from school before graduation.
  • Have failed to comply academically and would benefit from instruction offered in a manner different from the manner of instruction available in a traditional school.
  • Student is a parent or an expectant parent and is unable to regularly attend the traditional school program.
  • Student is employed and the employment is necessary for support and interferes with a part of student's instructional day.
  • Student is disruptive (as defined in IC 20-10.1-4.6-1.6).



Students may earn credits when they complete NovaNET coursework.  Students must demonstrate competency in a skill before moving on.  Credit is awarded with a letter grade equivalent to the percentage on assigned coursework, offline assignments, essays, optional projects, and/or alternative text work.  Students may also earn volunteer or work experience credits, vocational credits through C4, and/or early college credits through Ivy Tech.


Contact Us

Feel free to contact Robin Cummings at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 528-1175 or 522-8492; Christina Bush at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 528-1175.



CORE students are Seymour High School students who may participate in school events and are expected to adhere to the policies and consequences as outlined in Seymour High School’s handbook.  In addition, the following guidelines keep students safe, help our class function best, and make our program successful.


  1. Stay on task. Weekly academic goals are set for students to achieve. The progressive discipline plan addresses the need for all students to meet these goals.  Remember that you may be able to work while talking, but not everyone can do so. Respect those around you by working quietly. 
  2. Please use resources wisely. Internet bandwidth is for Nova Net or classroom work only.  Unapproved use of search engines to locate answers is considered cheating and will result in disciplinary measures. 
  3. Notify a teacher if you have been on a lesson for more than 20 minutes.  After a failure of any lesson, let a teacher know so that s/he can assist.  Please ask questions and notify a teacher if you feel that you are misunderstanding a lesson or need assistance.  Taking effective notes is essential to success in NovaNET.  Any failed mastery or post-test will require the student to show at least 1 ½ pages of notes before the test will be re-assigned; re-taking lessons may be necessary prior to re-assigning the test.  Mastery and post-tests must be taken at JCLC with the presence of a teacher.  Any test taken without teacher supervision may be re-assigned; repeated attempts outside of class will result in paper and pencil testing in addition to possible NovaNET account changes, grade changes, and scheduling changes.   
  4. Upon completion of a credit, please notify a teacher so that new curriculum can be assigned to you, complete a star with your name and the credit completed, participate in a credit counseling meeting with Mrs. Cummings, then tape your star on the back cabinet in room 105.
  5. Alternative texts may only be taken home with teacher permission, must return to class the next day, and must be graded upon return.  Homework is given only by student request and requires teacher permission.  Lost or damaged books may be charged to the student.


  1. Regular attendance is essential. Other students are waiting to join this program.  It is MANDATORY FOR ANY ABSENCE that a parent or guardian contact: 812-528-1175. Proof of services for tardiness or absences can reduce discipline measures in the progressive discipline plan.  Parents/guardians wanting a child to leave early, or for appointments, are required to come in to pick up the child.  In cases where a parent/guardian cannot enter the building for the child, JCLC may not allow the child to leave unless parent/guardian identity and permission can be verified.  Students who leave teacher-supervised areas without permission will need to contact parents before the student leaves the campus and must exit the campus for the day.
  2. Please be here by 8:45 A.M. each day. If you arrive after 8:45 A.M., for any reason, you are tardy.
  3. Please report directly to room 104 or 105 when you arrive. Breakfast will be served upon student arrival.
  4. Lunch is served by 11:15 A.M. in room 105.  Morning-only students exit the building immediately following the morning session or remain supervised with full-day students for lunch, programs, or bus pick-up and may only leave supervised areas with teacher permission.  Afternoon-only students wishing to eat lunch must arrive by 11:15 A.M. Afternoon-only students who do not eat lunch may not arrive until 12:15 and must begin by 12:30.
  5. Afternoon break is usually taken outside from 1:45-2:00 and is supervised. 
  6. We follow a one-out rule: only one student at a time may be out of the room for a drink or bathroom break per one session.  Sign in and out when leaving the room.  The restrooms and drinking fountain closest to the room are to be used.  Teacher permission is required to use vending machines or to go to other areas of JCLC. 
  7. Friday Incentive: On Thursday, students who meet academic goals, attend without tardiness, and have no discipline problems may have a pass signed by the teacher to be excused for that Friday only.   
  8. Friday-only, evening, and library access to NovaNET are available, but the teachers and students vary for these programs.  Please let us know if you have questions about these availabilities.   


  1. This is a drama free zone. This is the most important guideline in our classroom.  Poor attitudes, rude behavior, inappropriate confrontation, public displays of affection, sleeping, refusal to participate, unapproved technology usage, revealing or offensive apparel, and/or violation of rules must be addressed with a teacher or aide through the progressive discipline plan.
  2. Cell phones should be off and out of sight from 8:45-3:15 regardless of what session you attend.  Students needing to use a school or personal phone must receive permission prior to usage.
  3. Please ask before using the computer for anything other than NovaNET.  MP3 players, flash drives, CDs, and headsets may be used with teacher permission only.  You may not download or upload pictures, music, or video.  Management of playlists or other electronic media should be handled outside of class.  Displaying content related to sex, drugs, and violence may result in disciplinary actions; please report concerning content to the teacher.  IPODS and/or media that can connect to the internet are not allowed.


  1. CORE students are still students of SHS, should continue to consult SHS counselors regarding graduation requirements and student services, can apply for free/reduced assistance through SCSC, still complete state-required testing and SHS-approved coursework, walk in SHS graduation ceremonies, may still receive SHS discipline measures, may meet eligibility requirements to participate in IHSAA sports, may continue club memberships through SHS, etc.
  2. SHS administration may be notified and consulted regarding issues where Indiana and/or federal law applies such as (but not limited to) abusive language, bullying, controlled substances including (but not limited to) tobacco and lighters, endangering others, fighting, harassment, technology abuse, theft, threatening behavior, and/or truancy.  The response may include (but is not limited to): detention, Wednesday school, ISS, OSS, expulsion, police citations, and/or arrest.
  3. CORE students who park at SHS must obtain a parking pass to park in the student parking lot.
  4. The random drug testing policy as outlined in the student handbook does apply to CORE students.


  1. JCLC has campus policies that must be followed, and the personnel, property, and students of the campus must be treated with respect.  Use of JCLC computers without teacher supervision is prohibited.
  2. We are very thankful for our resources. Please respect the facility by cleaning up after yourself and by reporting any spills, damages, or problems immediately to a teacher or aide.
  3. Without facility lockers, exterior wear such as hats and jackets may be brought into the classroom; however, all other SHS dress code rules apply.  All items left in the classroom baskets should be of little value; you are responsible for your belongings, and neither JCLC nor SHS personnel can be held responsible for loss of your personal property.