Business Department

Business, Marketing, and Information Technology is a course of study to prepare students for learning and working in a global society by providing instruction in business experiences, education, and training. These experiences should incorporate a variety of instructional strategies such as the use of technology and practices that reflect current business procedures.

Business, Marketing and Information Technology courses cover a wide range of areas that are organized into a career pathway. It is the purpose of this course of study to provide:
  • Education for and about business, marketing, entrepreneurship and information technology.
  • Opportunities for students to learn business skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to pursue a career in business.
  • Students the opportunities to utilize emerging technologies.
  • Programs that will enhance a students’:
  • Intelligent socioeconomic decisions
  • Ability to produce and distribute goods and services
  • Career information with a goal of assisting students to relate their interests, needs and abilities with opportunities in the business, marketing, and informational technology areas.

  • Accounting I
  • Accounting II
  • Business Math
  • Career Planning/ Success Skills
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Digital Application and Responsibility1
  • Digital Application and Responsibility2
  • Information Communication Technology/ Dual Credit
  • Introduction to Business 1
  • Introduction to Business 2
  • Marketing/ Dual Credit
  • Personal Finanace
  • Preparing for College and Careers
  • Professional Career Internship/ Work Based Learning
  • Web Design - Our Final Project -- Come Join Us!