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Welcome to Seymour High School

January 2017

Happy New Year! We are ready to usher in the second half of our 2016-2017 school year.  January 11th is the date that report cards will be sent home with students. This will be one of the last times we actually print report cards.  We will print report cards for the last time at the end of the 3rd nine weeks in March.  Final grades in May will be available on line.  Mid-term graduates have moved on with life after high school.  Our ECA retesting results are back and we continue to move forward.

A new year means new beginnings for many people.  Many students get new teachers or new classes.  Teachers may get new students or may teach new classes.  But a new year is a macrocosm of a new day each and every day.  It is the culmination of putting away an entire year’s worth of occurrences with the hopes and dreams of a more prosperous or successful year to come.  But how this prosperity or success is measured depends on your goals.  What might be considered success to one person, or to one school, might not be success to another.  What will be your goal(s) this year?  Some people call these “resolutions.”  I’ve had a lot of resolutions over the years.  They usually involve saving more money or losing weight.  They all sound great as I start the New Year, but then there is a tuition payment to make or a rent payment is due.  And why does food always smell so much better when you are trying to diet?  Anyway, I invite you to choose a resolution that is attainable.  Pick one that will challenge you, but is totally within reach with a little extra effort. 

An article in a recent NASSP News Leader presented a graph depicting why students drop out of high school.  The MOST common reason that younger Americans drop out of high school is because they lack parental support.  It is our goal that, one day soon, we can say that 100% of SHS students graduate from high school.  Indeed, in order for this to take place, parental support must be the major factor.  Please continue to encourage your child and become involved in their education.  In terms of our current schedule, we have added a third day of the week to the Power Hour schedule.  For the time being, we will operate Power Hour on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  This is the opportunity for our students to make good, productive use of their time by getting extra help from teachers; making up assignments, tests, and labs; joining a club; visiting the media center; or any other activity that will enhance their high school experience.

January’s calendar is full of sporting events.  I encourage you to check out our web page or student handbook for upcoming scheduled events.  Please support our student/athletes as they compete against rival schools.  I hope that 2017 is a good year for all of the SHS family.  If you have any questions, please give me a call.

Happy New Year!

Greg Prange

We welcome Officer Williams back for another year as Seymour High School's School Resource Officer.
Seymour Community School Corporation is committed to the safety of our students and staff.  Our continued partnership with Seymour Police Department allows for the presence of 3 School Resource Officers at our school sites. School Resource Officers are at all school sites at various times during the school day and school events.  The School Resource Officers provide campus security and educational opportunities for our students and staff.

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