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    April 21

    Purple Day

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April 2014

I used to not like daylight savings time because I felt like I shouldn’t go to bed when it is still light outside.  Now I’m realizing that I can still go home after work and do my housework, go for a bike ride, attend a sporting event, do some yard work, attend a civic meeting, prepare for the next day of school, take a shower, have supper, sleep for a few hours, and start the process over tomorrow.  Why does it seem that each month becomes more and more hectic with less time to do more things?

As the days move through April and into May, we turn much of our focus to End of Course Assessments.  All students must pass Algebra I and English 10 assessments before they are eligible for graduation.  This spring, all students in Algebra I who have not yet passed the test, will be tested during their Algebra class.  All sophomores will be tested for English 10 competencies during their English class.  All students enrolled in Biology will also be tested.  Testing in Biology is a participatory measure and passing is not yet a requirement for graduation.  In addition to these tests, here are some other calendar highlights during April at Seymour High School.

April 15 Family Order Night for Class Rings @ 3:30-7:30pm

April 16 IPOD day

April 18 Academic Convocation

April 19 Mr. SHS

April 21 School make up day…PURPLE

April 23  Junior Class meeting

April 23 Jazz Ensemble 7:00 in the auditorium

April 26 Theatre Company/Latin Roman Banquet

April 28 Prom tickets go on sale at the cafeteria snack bar--$18 per student.  Senior dinner tickets are available in main office--$17.

April 29 Senior Class meeting

I invite you to support our athletic teams this spring as our girls’ and boys’ track teams, softball team, baseball team, boys’ golf team and girls’ tennis team show off their talents as a contribution to their school.  Athletic schedules may be found on our web site at http://shs.scsc.k12.in.us/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=52&Itemid=73

As I look to May, I am a little overwhelmed with everything that we need to get done before graduation on June 1.  The final days of school are always filled with meetings, and arrangements, and dinners, and practices, and games, and performances, and final exams, and grades, and ……I’m glad we have daylight savings time so I can mow yards at 9:00 at night.  Have a great April!


Greg Prange

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