Two Hour Delay Schedule

Traditional Day Two Hour Delay

Block 1
Block 2 11:42-1:18

First lunch (11:42-12:12)


Second lunch (12:13-12:43)

Third lunch (12:43-1:18)


Block 3  1:23-2:24

Block 4  2:29-3:30

Power Hour Two Hour Delay

Block 1  10:30-11:30

Power Hour 11:30-12:30

Block 2  12:30-1:25
Block 3 1:30-2:25
Block 4 2:30-3:30

According to SHS Student Handbook 2017-18 pages 23-24.

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Transfer Information

Do you live out of the school district and want to send your child to Seymour High School? Please click on the links below for more information.

Nonresident Transfer Policy  (view)

Nonresident Transfer Application  (view)

Drop Off / Pick Up / Parking

Please review the following information for drop off, pick up, and parking:
Instructions and Maps for Traffic  (view)