English Department

English Department

A balance of reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, literature, and media studies are the most important academic functions in every area of learning—not just as individual subject areas.

The goal of the study of literature is to provide students with frequent and continual opportunities to: (1) learn and apply essential skills in reading and writing; (2) read widely to build a better understanding of various types of texts, genres, and cultures of our country and those in other parts of the world; (3) read well; (4) acquire new information that will assist in responding to the needs of the workplace and society as a whole; and (5) make reading a lifelong pursuit. Literature courses provide students with opportunities to respond to literature critically, reflectively, and imaginatively both in writing and speaking and to develop concepts and strategies for making independent critical evaluations of literature. These types of courses enhance students’ awareness of various cultures and develop a sense of identity. Literature courses emphasize reading for pleasure and expose students to reading materials available in school media centers and public libraries.

The goal of composition is to provide students with frequent and continual opportunities to learn and apply essential skills in writing, using a process that includes: (1) prewriting, (2) drafting, (3) revising, (4) editing, and (5) producing a final, corrected product. Strategies should include evaluating and responding to the writing of others. In addition to instruction in creating clear, coherent, and organized paragraphs and multi-paragraph essays for a variety of audiences and purposes, the courses teach strategies for collecting and transforming data for use in writing as well as teach criteria to use in the evaluation and revision of various types of writing. Instruction in grammar, usage, and mechanics is integrated with writing instruction so that students develop a common language for discussion. All writing in its final publication form follows accepted conventions of language, style, mechanics, and format.

The State Board of Education requires eight credits in English for graduation from Indiana High Schools. The rules further specify that the high school English programs should provide a balance of: (1) writing, (2) reading, (3) listening, (4) speaking, (5) grammar, (6) literature, and (7) media studies. Balance may be achieved by integrating each area into English 9, English 10, English 11, and English 12; or through a balanced selection of English courses from among the categories of literature, composition, and speech; or through a combination of approaches.

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  • English 9
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  • Film Literature
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