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The High School Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Program is a four year sequence of courses which, when combined with traditional mathematics and science courses in high school, introduces students to the scope, rigor and discipline of engineering prior to entering college. However, those not intending to pursue further formal education will benefit greatly from the knowledge and logical thought processes that result from taking some or all of the courses provided in the curriculum. National PLTW Brochure

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 Pre-Engineering Courses PLTW BrochureIntroduction to Engineering (Freshman Elective)

  • Principles of Engineering-PLTW (Dual Credit)
  • Introduction to Engineering Design-PLTW (Dual Credit)
  • Digital Electronics-PLTW (Dual Credit)
  • Civil Engineering/Architecture-PLTW (Dual Credit)
  • Engineering Design and Development-PLTW
  • Introduction to Construction
  • Introduction to Transportation
  • Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics (Dual Credit)
  • Advance Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Precision Machining
  • Computers in Design and Production

Are students ready for the technological and engineered world? This question is more important today than ever before. As most kids play with technology, a central question that occurs is do they know what they can DO with it? Technology Education is the answer. Students who study technology apply problem-based learning that integrates (STEM) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Technology CoursesAdvanced Machines
  • Communication Systems
  • Construction Systems
  • Construction Processes
  • Machining Fundamentals
  • Manufacturing Systems  Manufacturing Lab Overview (Freshman Elective)
  • Manufacturing Processes video
  • Transportation Systems

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