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Mr. Schuley - Science

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Created: Aug 5, 2010
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Updated: Nov 19, 2018
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Welcome to Mr. Schuley's chemistry page
Weekly Agenda
Aug 13 and 14

Welcome to Honors Chemistry!  We are going to have a great time this year.  So let's begin!!

Finish your lab (actually doing it, not the questions) if you need to do so.

go to the link below for the student information sheet. Please fill out the sheet with as much information as you can.    

We will be getting lab partners today.  Look around and find someone you can work with.  WE WORK IN PAIRS.  I will find you a partner if you can't find one.

You will check in your equipment in your lab locker today.  Pictures of equipment are in a file below for identification purposes.  Take your chromebook with you.  You will need a lab locker check in sheet.  use the Check in column. Identify, clean and remove extras and ask for missing items.

Go BACK to Google classroom and take the safety quiz.  MAKE SURE YOU READ THE DIRECTIONS!!!!!!!

oct 16

go over electron configurations , dot diagrams, Lewis structures , orbital diagrams and such.   

follow the order of videos on Oct. 12.  Watch all three videos and then do the two worksheets.

the two section review are NOT assignments.  I would complete them to make sure you understand what is going on in these sections.

Oct. 24

Watch the videos on how to work wave problems.  Also, make notes on how to determine the relationship between frequency and wavelength.  I would watch them in the order listed below.

You will need the chart below to answer the questions as to what kind of light is generated in several of the homework problems.

Assign 5-4 worksheet.  

Finish assignments 5-1 and 5-2 and turn them in.

lab on flame tests NEXT TIME.  We will only do part 1 of the lab.

oct 26

go over electron configurations and finish the phet activity on models of the atom.  If you have worked on this previously,  then you can begin on the following activities:

 5-1 and 5-2 homework are due next time

electron configuration activity is for EXTRA CREDIT.  NOT an assignment.  It involves coloring!!!

Oct 30

Tie up all loose ends on all assignments.  flame test lab due.  worksheet 5-4 due today.  We will grade 5-4 in class.  review for test.  Review for test next time.  Worksheets 1,2 and 4 will be graded in class TODAY.


Review for test next time.   I have placed three videos below that go over the study guide.  It has been updated to reflect what happened in the review.  I also have worked out, on a video, the answers to 5-4.   I would recommend that you come in  Friday or Monday morning for a study session if you have been absent frequently.

Nov 5

TEST Electrons 

After test,  look over materials for Wed and Fri.  See the agenda for that day.  WATCH the VIDEOS!!!

Nov. 7

Begin unit on periodic table.  Go over parts of table, history of table.

Work on the following assignments: (copies of each below.  Ones with stars *** need the directions from this website.

Using the periodic table worksheet (extra credit)

page 21 periodic table questions

Castle Mendeleev *** (extra credit)

Nov 9

Work on metals, nonmetals metalloids lab  Directions in file here.

Work on periodic properties lab.  Directions in file here

nov 13

Finish and turn in labs. 

All other OLD homework is half credit today.  

Download powerpoint and fill in notes BEFORE we discuss next time.

Watch video below about periodic trends. 

Fill in the periodic trends worksheet. (It is really notes)

fill in study guide.

Nov 19

we start discussion of periodic trends.


Worksheet over periodic trends. (2 of them)

If time permits, you can finish labs if need be.

If you have time, begin the periodic table activity.  We will finish next time.

Oct. 10

PSAT.  No Class  Juniors Seniors report to either cafeteria or Room 114

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