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Ms. Armes - Math
Last updated: 04/17/2017
Ms. Armes - Math's Profile
Last updated: 04/06/2015
Mrs. Bane - Science's Profile
Last updated: 04/24/2017
Mr. Boggs - PE, Health, Aquatics & Adapted PE's Profile
This is my 32nd year at Seymour High School as Aquatics Director and head swim coach. I am originally from Muncie and graduated from Muncie North High School. I received my Bachelors degree from Ball State and Masters from Miami. My wife, Chris, is a teacher assistant with special needs children at Brown Elementary. I have two sons and one grandson.
Mrs Bowman - JAG
Last updated: 09/03/2013
Mrs Bowman - JAG's Profile
Last updated: 08/21/2015
Mrs. G Brown's Profile
Mrs. G Brown's Blog
522-4384 / choose 5, then 2124
¡Todo en español! That's right - this year I am only teaching Spanish classes. I am ready.
Mrs. J. Brown - Science
Last updated: 06/23/2015
Mrs. J. Brown - Science's Profile
Mr. D Brown - Art
Last updated: 09/02/2013
Mr. D Brown - Art's Profile
Tracy Buchanan
Kaneesha Chappell
Ms. Clifford
Mr. Cobb-Science
Last updated: 01/06/2016
Mr. Cobb-Science's Profile
812-522-4384 ext 2337
Mrs. Cottrill - English
Last updated: 09/03/2013
Mrs. Cottrill - English's Profile
Mr. Cottrill- Band Director
Mrs. Cummings - JCLC
Last updated: 09/03/2013
Mrs. Cummings - JCLC's Profile
(812) 528-1175
Mr. Darlage - Social Studies
Last updated: 11/03/2015
Mr. Darlage - Social Studies's Profile
Last updated: 08/26/2015
Mrs. Darling - Math's Profile
Last updated: 06/23/2014
Mr. Darling - Math's Profile
My name is Brice Darling. I am a math teacher and football coach at Seymour High School. My current classes are Algebra 1 & 2. I am a 2012 graduate of the University of Saint Francis.
Mr. Dennis - Science
Last updated: 12/16/2015
Mr. Dennis - Science's Profile
522-4384 x 2327
Mrs. A Dennis-Math
Mrs. Dubois - Assistant Principal
Tiffany Emery
Mrs. Eppley - Agriculture
Last updated: 01/07/2015
Mrs. Eppley - Agriculture's Profile
Last updated: 08/11/2016
Mr. Fallis - Social Studies's Profile
I am in my 24nd year of teaching. I have two daughters, Shelby and Sadie, and have been married 23 years to my wife Suzi.
Mr. Fife - Counselor
Mrs.Fischer- English