Principal Update - May 3, 2021


 May 2021

 I looked in the mirror this morning and I thought, “It’s MAY!”  Can you believe it’s May already?  When I was younger, May was so important to me, because it is the month I was born, and it meant that school was almost over.  As we set our sights on the culmination of the school year, graduation, we work diligently, daily, to make sure that we finish the 2020-2021 school year in a strong fashion.  We also look ahead to next school year and the many new faces we will have on both sides of the desks.  May is a very busy month as our calendar indicates:


May 2              Seymour Scholar Dinner
May 8              SAT
May 3-7           National Teacher Appreciation Week
May 13-16       SHS Musical “Mary Poppins”           
May 17            Senior Dinner
May 19            Band Concert
May 21            Honor Day, Graduation practice
                       *Parents will not be able to attend Honor Day this year.  Beginning at 8:45, Honor Day will be livestreamed at
May 22            Archery Banquet
May 24            Band Banquet
May 26            Chromebook collection (in building students)
May 28            Last day of school for students
May 28            Prom/After Prom
June 1             Last day for teachers, speaker rehearsal
June 3             Scholar Parent Meeting
June 6             Commencement          2:30 p.m.
June 7             Summer School begins


Years ago I wanted May to “go fast” to get to my birthday and then get to the end of the school year.  Times have changed and so has my opinion of May.  When I see the older man in the mirror, and I know it’s May, I want the time to go slow.  We have much to do before the end of school and adding one more year to my age is not as fun as it used to be.


Greg Prange




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