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Welcome to Geometry!
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Welcome to the world of shapes and finding out all about their curves and sleek lines!  With your questions and dedicated  work in the class room you will soar to heights you never thought were possible in the world of knowledge!  
Weekly Agenda
Chapter 1
Thursday, Aug. 11 (W)
Day 1  Geometry Basics
We will be learning geometry terms that will be used throughout this geometry class the whole year.  The 3 undefined terms of Geo are "point, line, & plane".  We can only describe them.
Practice Worksheet, all questions within the 4 problems.

Monday, Aug 15 (W)
  • We will calculate the distance between 2 coordinate points using the distance formula.
  • We will calculate the coordinate of the midpoint of a segment given the 2 end points.
  • We will calculate the coordinate of one endpoint when given the other end point and the midpoint.
Assignment:  2 Wksts-- Assignment #1 & Assignment #2  

Wednesday, Aug. 17 (W)
  • We will be working with angles
  • We will have a quiz over lessons 1 & 2.
Unit 2
Monday, Aug. 29 (W) 
Unit 2.1 
  • We will use inductive reasoning to determine how to calculate additional numbers when give a list of  numbers, or figures.
  • We will write a conjecture explaining our reasoning.
  • We will determine if a statement is true or false by finding a counterexample, if possible.

Assignment and Notes are in the attachments listed below for Unit 2.1 Assignment # 5

Wednesday, Aug 31 (W)
Unit 2.2 
  • We will create if-then conditional statement from a two given phrases.  
  • We will write the inverse, converse and contrapositive of the conditional statement we created.
Assignment:  Notes and assignment #6 listed in the attachments below.

Friday, Sept. 2 (W)

We will take the NWEA testing on chrome book

Monday, Sept 5   Labor Day  NO SCHOOL!

Wednesday, Sept 7  (W)
Unit 2.6
  • We are reviewing the properties of equalities.
  • We will apply the properties of equality to help complete algebraic proofs.
Assignment:  On the left side of this page, go to "page links"
  • click on "2016-17 Geometry"  
  • "Unit 2"
  • "2.6 Properties of Equality and Algebraic Proofs"
  • "Notes" Complete your note pages
  • "Homework 2.6"  Complete assignment 2.6
Period 8 complete Challenge Problem #7.
And any Geometry student absent from class today, Wednesday, Sept 7!

Friday, Sept. 9 (W)
Unit 2.7
  • We will start with segment proofs and the properties that go with them. 

Assignment:  Homework #7  Try to fill in.  Bring an eraser to change any problems!  : )

Tuesday, Sept. 13  (W)
Unit 2.8
  • We will continue working with segment proofs and will work on the angle properties for angle proofs.
Assignment:  Homework 7  # 1-8
                     Homework 8  # 1-13

Thursday, Sept. 15 (W)
Unit 2.7 & 2.8
We will go over the proofs' assignment.

Assignment:  Complete Study Guide for Unit 2's Quest on Monday.
Unit 3 Parallel Lines
Monday, Sept. 19  (W)
Unit 2's Quest (Proofs)

Assignment:  Copy lesson 3.1 notes
I HAVE a BLANK COPY of the notes for period 5.  You can stop by anytime to get a copy.

Wednesday, Sept. 21 (W)

Unit 3.1  Parallel Lines & Transversal

We will identify the congruent angles created when 2 parallel lines are cut by a transversal.

Assignment:  Unit 3.1 Assignment Worksheet #1-15
(See attachments below for notes or if you want the assignment page altogether as a pdf.)

Friday, Sept 23 (W)
Unit 3.2   Proving Lines Parallel
We will use the converse of the properties of parallel lines to prove lines parallel.

Assignment:  Unit 3.2 Wkst.  #1-8

Tuesday, Sept 27 (W)
Lesson 3.3   Slope Review
We will determine the slopes of lines to classify the types of lines that are given to us.  
Assignment:  Unit 3.3 Wkst #1-18

Thursday, Sept. 29 (W)
Lesson 3.4   Equations of Lines
We will create equations of lines using slope-intercept and point-slope formulas when given various forms of information.
Assignment:  Unit 3.4  Wksts #1-16 

Tuesday, Oct. 4 (W)
Unit 3  Study Guide

Assignment:  Study by practicing problem on the Study Guide for Unit 3 Test

Thursday, Oct. 6 (W)
     Unit 3 TEST

Unit 4 Proving Triangles Congruent
Monday, Oct. 10      
Unit 4.1
 Classifying Angles & Calculating the angle measures of triangles.

Assignment:  Unit 4.1  homework Wkst.

Wednesday, Oct 12  (W)
Unit 4.2  Isosceles & Equilateral Triangles

Assignment:  Unit 4.2 Wkst (All)
Unit 5 Relationships in Triangles
Friday, Oct 28 (W)
Unit 5.1  Triangle Midsegment
  • We will use the Triangle Midsegment Theorem to calculate the sides and angle measures in a triangle.
  • We will use prior knowledge of parallel lines cut by a transversal to help calculate the angle measures. 

Assignment: Unit 5.1 Wkst #1-15

Tuesday, Nov 1 (W)
Lesson 5.2   Perpendicular Bisectors & Angle Bisectors

Assignment:  Unit 5.2 Wkst

Unit 6 Similar Triangles
Tuesday, Nov 15 (W)
Unit 6.1  Ratios & Proportions
  • We  will identify and create ratios and proportions to calculate measures in triangles.
Assignment:  Hmwk 6.1  And Complete the odd problems on 6.2 Notes

Thursday, Nov. 17  (W)
Unit 6.2  Similar Figures
  • We will identify the scale factors on similar polygons.
  • We will create the proportions for the corresponding sides to calculate the unknown measures.
Assignment:   Hmwk 6.2  And Complete the odd problems on 6.3 Notes

Monday, Nov.  21  (W)

Unit 6.3  Proving Triangles Similar
  • We will prove triangles similar by AA, SAS, SSS
Assignment:  Hmwk 6.3  And Complete the odd problems on 6.4 notes.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
No school Nov. 23-25

Monday Nov. 28  (W)

Unit 6.4  Parallel & Proportional Parts

Assignment:  Hmwk 6.4  Either come by my room and get a hard copy or look online at the Geometry 2016-17 link under Unit 6.4. 

Wednesday, Nov. 30  (W)
Unit 6.5  Parts of Similar Triangles
Quiz over Units 6.1-6.3

Assignment:  Hmwk 6.5

Friday, Dec. 2
Unit 6 Review

Assignment:  Complete Review and Study for the Unit Test

Tuesday, Dec. 6  (W)
Unit 6 TEST

Assignment:  Complete Unit 9's odd problems in the Notes 

Unit 9.1
Thursday, Dec. 8
Unit 9.1  Transformations


Assignment:  Unit 9.1 Transformations Wkst

Monday, Dec. 12
Activity with Transformations
We will look at corresponding sides and angles in transformations.
We will look at line symmetry in figures.

Assignment:  Activity Wkst
(Final Exam Review will be pasted out so you can start working on the problems.)

Wednesday, Dec. 14

Activity with Transformations
Quick Quiz

:  Final Exam Review
Unit 7
Tuesday, Jan 10 (W)
Unit 7.1  Angle measures of Polygons

Assignment:  Hmwk 7.1

Thursday, Jan 12 (W)

Unit 7.2  Properties of Parallelograms

Assignment:  Hmwk 7.2

Monday, Jan 16 (W)

Unit 7.3  Properties of Rectangles

:   Hmwk 7.3
 Quiz on Friday, Jan. 20th

Wednesday, Jan 18 (W)

Unit 7.4 Properties of Rhombi & Squares

:  Hmwk 7.4  
Two of the 2x2  problems will have answers that are fractions, single digit in denominators. 

  Unit 7.1-7.4    Quiz On this Friday, 20th 

Friday, Jan 20  (W)
Unit 7.1-7.4  Quiz

Copy the odd problems on 7.5 notes.

Tuesday, Jan 23  (W)
Unit 7.5   Quadrilaterals in a coordinate plane

Assignment:  Hmwk 7.5

Thursday, Jan 25   (W)
Unit 7.6
  Properties of Trapezoids

Assignment:    Hmwk  7.6

Monday, Jan 30  (W)
Unit 7.7   Properties of a Kite

Assignment:   Hmwk  7.7

Wednesday, Feb. 1  (W)
Bring your Chromebook---

Friday, Feb. 3  (W)
 Review for Unit 7 TEST

Tuesday, Feb. 7  (W)
TEST on Unit 7

Unit 8 Right Triangles & Trigonometry
Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017  (W)
Unit 8.1 Pythagorean Theorem & its Converse
  • We will apply the pythagorean theorem to calculate the unknown side measures of right triangles.   
Assignment:  Unit 8.1 Wkst
Period 5 students...stop by my room and pick up the unit 8.2 note paper.

Monday, Feb. 13, 2017  (W)
Unit 8.2  
Special Right Triangles
  • We will apply the ratio of sides of a 30-60-90 degree triangle to calculate the unknown side measures of special right triangles.
  • We will apply the ratio of sides of a 45-45-90 degree triangle to calculate the unknown side measures of special right triangles.
Assignment:  Unit 8.2  Wkst.

 Happy Valentine's Day!!  

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017  
Unit 8.3  Trigonometry
  • We will write the trigonometric ratios of the side measures on a right triangle.
  • We will calculate the unknown side measures on a right triangle applying the sine, cosine & tangent ratios.
Assignment:  Unit 8.3  Wkst.

Friday, Feb. 17, 2017  (W)
Unit 8.4  Trigonometry (Angle measures)
  • We will calculate the unknown angle measures on a right triangle applying the sine, cosine, & tangent ratios.
Assignment:  Unit 8.4  Wkst.
copy the Bell Work for #11 & 12 (in attachments below)


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